Worshiping the Marvelous Sugar Baby (New York, USA. Photograph by Gustavo Thomas © 2014)

"When in Tokyo I photographed him (Kazuo Ohno) in the street wearing a dress. He told me that he was inspired by Jean Genet’s novel, Notre Dame de Fleurs. I showed the series to Jean Genet. (…) We were friends. He came to my house one night. I said, "Look, I took some photos in Japan. This dancer says that he was influenced by your book." Genet’s reply was that he didn’t understand. (…) Genet belonged to a different sphere. I don’t think he knew much about dance." (William Klein about the photographs he took of Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno in a street performance in Shinjuku, 1960)

Late Blossom (Toronto, canada. Gustavo Thomas © 2014) on Flickr.

It has been a loooong winter and just these days (middle may) some trees have started to bloom. Lovely feeling indeed!